Plastic Plant Container

Plastic Plant Container

This flower pot likes a bowl,it will be easy to match any occassions.

Product Details

  1. Materials: stone powder, wooden powder and recycled plastic.

  2. Features:

     ● Earth friendly

     ● Unbreakable

     ● Hydroponic plant available

      Indoor & outdoor usage


     ● Hand-polished

   3. Specification:

      Item No: XVY30

      Size: ø30cm * 21.3cm

      Service life:  more than 5 years

   4. Packing:

       According to the requirement, pallet / carton/ PP bag is all available.


  1. Q: Could the spot on the surface fall off?

      A: Not fall off unless a heavy crash.

  2. Q: Does this flower pot have a hole at the bottom?

      A: It depends on the requirements of costomer. 

  3. Q: Is the planter suitable for living room?

      A: Yes, surely.

  4. Q: Does the planter need any special treat?

      A: No, it doesn't need special treat.

  5. Q: Is your flower pot more expensive than the ceramic one?

      A: No, compared to similar size, it was not expensive at all.



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