Plastic Plant Box

Plastic Plant Box

This polyhedral flower pot is special designed, its simple lines present the multidimensional space of the room.

Product Details

  1. Environmental friendly materials: stone powder, wood powder and recycled plastic.

  2. Product features:

     ● Fashion design

     ● Benefit for the plant roots' breathing

     ● OEM accepted

     ● Short lead time

     ● Much lighter than ceramic or stone ones

     ● Rust resistant


    Item No: XL10, XL30

    Size: ø10, ø30

    Service time: More than 5 years

  4. Packing

      Pallet & carton is available,  or other packing method that required.


   1. Q: What kinds of plants are the planters suitable for?

       A: Usually the medium-size & small-size plant is better, according to the planter's specifition you choose.

   2. Q: Will it be broken during the carriage?

       A: No, it won't be broken even falls from 2m high.

   3. Q: Is the flower pot needed to move into room during the rainy day?

       A: It won't be needed to move unless you care your flowers too much.

   4. Q: Could the flower pot be hung up?

       A: Yes, the ø10cm size one is much better if you really need, but the bigger- size planter won't be the one we recommend.

  5. Q: Will it be still durable after long-time-use?

      A: Our flower pots are the degradable ones, it will be decomposed slowly by the action of bacteria. But don't worry, its service time is 5 years at least.

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