Types Of Flower Pots

- Jul 02, 2019-

FRP flowerpot: also called FRP flowerpot, the texture is made of clay sculpture or open mold.Various styles, durable, non-deformation, corrosion resistance.Complete specifications.The surface can be used for various color effects.


Sandstone flowerpot: this flowerpot is made of fine sandstone with various colors. It is one of  the best materials in the flowerpot. The surface can be used for effect.


GRC cement pot: this pot is bulky. The cement in the flowerpot adds anticorrosive, imitated freezing, imitated corrosion material plus fiber cloth, strong and durable, the surface effect can be made into spray true stone paint effect.


Magnesite flowerpot: mix magnesium oxide and brine, add modifier, spread the mixed slurry on the glass mesh cloth, make the needed flowerpot.This flowerpot is cheap and comes in many varieties.Sturdy and durable.Indoor decoration products.


Earthen Planters: they also known as devonian, plain burning basin.This pot is made of clay,  there are red and gray two kinds, drainage and permeability, low price, complete specifications, the most suitable for family flower.


Purple arenaceous planters: weigh pottery basin again.Exquisite production, simple and generous, mostly purple, complete specifications, but its permeability, breathable performance less than earthen basin.It is used for planting moist flowers and trees.


Porcelain planters: porcelain clay made, painted glaze.Exquisite technology, clean and elegant, beautiful shape.The disadvantage is poor drainage and ventilation.


Glazed pottery basin: painted on the pottery basin with colorful glaze, beautiful appearance, diverse forms.Inside and outside the ceramic basin of glaze drainage permeability is poor, equivalent to inside and outside much a layer of glass.Still have a kind of pottery pot that goes up glaze on outer wall only.


Water planter: there is no water hole at the bottom of the pot.

Plastic planter: lightweight, durable, colorful, cheap, easy to use. But impermeable, impermeable water, in soilless cultivation used more.If used to grow flowers, attention should be paid to the physical properties of the soil to make it porous and breathable, so as to overcome the shortcomings of the plastic pots. Plastic planter is most suitable for planting more resistant to water and wet flowers, such as parblica, bamboo, calla lotus. 


Stone material planter: natural stone is qualitative, colour is gorgeous, optional good, but heavier, unfavorable put on the table.