Plastic Flower Pots In Winter

- Oct 12, 2018-

The improvement of living standards has enabled people to have more time and energy to plant flowers. The sales of plastic flower pots in the market have been opened. Manufacturers store these beautiful plastic flower pots in winter, pay attention to avoid direct sunlight, although winter The sun is not strong, but long-term direct shooting will still cause the flower pot to become brittle, the quality will be reduced, the service life will be shortened, and the winter snow will also affect the quality of the flower pot, but now the wind and snow days are too small, so this is Don't worry too much.

Household planting flowers use plastic flower pots. In winter, it is necessary not only to avoid direct sunlight, but also to keep away from heat sources such as radiators, because plastic preheating will soften and deform, as well as flower pots. However, pots away from heat sources cannot be placed. On the balcony, low temperatures can also cause the flower pots to become brittle and shorten the service life. Therefore, the flower pots in the home can be placed indoors away from the heat source.