Plant Planting Should Be Selected For Plastic Flower Pots

- Oct 12, 2018-

When choosing a plastic flower pot, you should not only pay attention to the size of the flower pot, but also pay attention to its height. If the size and height of the flower pot purchased do not match the planted plant, it will not only affect the growth of the plant, but also affect the overall beauty. The purpose of the plant is opposite, according to the root water absorption capacity of the plant, the flower pot is selected. After the watering, the soil in the flower pot keeps moist for a long time, the plant is difficult to breathe, which will lead to rotten root; the flower pot is too small, not only affects the appearance, but also Affect the root development of plants.

When choosing a plastic flower pot, you can also choose according to the crown diameter of the plant. The diameter of the pot mouth should be aligned with the diameter of the plant crown; if the plant without the mud is placed in the pot, make sure it can be stretched. Can not affect the growth of roots; plants with mud clusters should be placed in pots, leaving a 2-4 cm gap around the pots to facilitate the placement of new soil.