How To Do Pots And Pots

- Oct 12, 2018-

Potting soil compaction, mainly soil quality is not good, the soil lacks organic matter, becomes a sticky soil, soil compaction is not conducive to the growth of flowers, improving soil is a good strategy to solve this problem, the specific method: can be changed in potted flowers When basinding, add some humus-rich loam and a small amount of river sand to the potting soil, or add some sawdust in the soil, so that the soil becomes loose, the drainage and permeability are better, and the soil will not be knotted.

If potted plants use fertilizer for long-term use, the potting soil will also be knotted. This is mainly caused by soil alkalization. Therefore, in the case of flower topdressing, organic fertilizer and fertilizer can be used alternately, and a small amount of 500 times of ferrous sulfate can be applied. Solution to solve the problem of basin soil compaction.