Flower Pot Selection Method

- Oct 12, 2018-

When choosing a flower pot, pay attention to the size, the height should be suitable, the flower pot is too large, just like a thin person wearing a big clothes, affecting the appearance, and the flower pot is large and the plant is small, the water absorption capacity of the plant is relatively weak, after the watering, the potting soil Keeping it moist for a long time, the flowers and trees are difficult to breathe, and it is easy to cause rotten roots. The flower pots are too small, which is top-heavy and affects the development of the roots. In addition, there are three points for selecting the size and height of the flower pots for reference:

The diameter of the bowl mouth should be roughly the same as the diameter of the plant.

Plants with mud clusters should be placed with a 2-4 cm gap around the pots in order to add new soil.

For plants without mud, the roots should be stretched after being placed in the pots. It should not be bent. If the main roots or roots are too long, they can be properly trimmed and planted in the pots.