Environmental Protection Of Environmental Protection Flower Pots

- Oct 12, 2018-

First of all, in contrast to this product, plastic flowerpots use non-renewable oil, which causes a lot of white pollution after being discarded. If it is burned, it will produce toxic substances, which will cause long-term adverse consequences to our living environment; Ceramic pots use limited soil on the surface. The process consumes a lot of fuel and produces a lot of greenhouse gases. Ceramic pots are easily broken during transportation and use. It takes a long time for the fragments to decompose in nature.

Economic value: Due to the processing scale and the speciality of plant fiber, the price of environmentally-friendly flower pots is much more expensive than plastic flower pots. The reason is that plastic flower pots can be made very thin and can be recycled plastic. Compared with ceramic flower pots, the price of environmentally friendly flower pots has great advantages, but in the Chinese market, people's consumption concept tends to ceramic pots, because ceramic pots can be used for decades or even longer, in developed countries in Europe and America. Environmentally friendly flower pots have become a necessity for people to plant flowers and trees, and environmental protection is the most important.