After The Flower Was Changed, The Leaves Were Smashed.

- Oct 12, 2018-

Some flower friends said that after the flower was changed, the leaves were smashed. I don’t know where the problem was. In fact, this is the reason why the flower has not recovered after the root of the flower. As the saying goes, "People move, the tree moves to death" is this reason.

The most taboo for the flower change basin is to change the basin without the seasons. This situation is most likely to cause the leaves to fall and even die after changing the basin, except for experienced flower friends.

If it is already smashed, it is recommended to put the flowers in a cool and ventilated place to slow down the seedlings. The time is about a week or so. Normal conditions can be restored. Of course, there are cases where the flowers are replaced and then the flowers are dead.

In addition, if the flower friends have the need to change the basin, it is recommended to bring the soil to change the basin, which will be much safer.

After the potted pot is changed, the water is poured once, so that the potting soil absorbs enough water, and the number of watering is not too much. It must be watered after the potting soil is dry. It is best to spray the water on the surface every day. It should be placed in a cool place, not exposed to the sun, or blown at the tuyere to avoid damage to the flowers. The flowers that have just been replaced can not be fertilized, because the roots of the plants cannot be absorbed immediately after transplanting, so wait for them in the new basin. After growing new leaves or sprouting new roots, fertilize according to the principle of thin fertilizer.