Summer flower pot selection

- Oct 12, 2018-

In summer, the temperature is hot and humid, the atmosphere is hot, and the light is strong. Most flowers are in a period of vigorous growth. Therefore, the selection of flower pots should consider the weather characteristics of the period and the habits of planting flowers, the characteristics of flower pots and the purpose of potted flowers.

(1) Tile basin Most flowers can use tile basins. The basins have good ventilation and water permeability. Generally, flowers can be cultivated in such basins for a long time.

(2) Purple sand pot Looks quaint and generous, but the gas permeability is slightly poor, suitable for planting the wet foliage.

(3) The plastic basin is light and beautiful, has good water retention, and can cultivate various flowers. It is also an ideal container for planting hanging flowers. However, it is necessary to increase the drainage hole when using it, so that the water can not be removed in time to cause the root of the potted flower.

(4) Other porcelain pots, stainless steel barrels, glass fiber reinforced plastic pots, etc. are all beautiful, but poor gas permeability is not conducive to the growth and development of most flowers. It is not suitable for direct cultivation of flowers, but it can be used as a set of pots.