Selection of flower pots

- Aug 06, 2020-

      When choosing flower pots, pay attention to the size and height. The flowerpot is too large, just like a thin person wearing large clothes, which affects the appearance, and the flowerpot is large but the plant is small, and the plant has relatively weak water absorption capacity. After watering, the pot soil stays moist for a long time, and the flowers and trees have difficulty breathing, which can easily lead to root rot. Flower pots are too small, appear top-heavy, and affect root development.

         The diameter of the mouth of the flowerpot should roughly match the diameter of the plant crown.

       Plants with mud masses should be placed in the flower pot with a gap of 2-4 cm around the flower pot for adding new soil.

        For plants without mud masses, the roots should be able to stretch out after being placed in the pots and should not be bent. If the tap root or fibrous root is too long, it can be pruned appropriately and planted in a pot.