My favorite plants

- Dec 25, 2018-

There are several kinds of plants that are suitable for indoor and are easy to care.

Tiger orchid could be on the sitting room or balcony. It is very suitable for astigmatism environment, even if the home light is insufficient, it can grow particularly exuberant. And it is also very drought-resistant, so do not need to water too much. Even if occasionally forgetting to water also does not matter. Meanwhile it has not strict requirements on fertilizer.

Money spent is another plant that easy to care. It can be a hydroponic or soil raising. Money spent can grow fast, it could raise to a dozen of pennies. Just water it occasionally.


Penny grass must be the best choice for lazy ones. Only a few words: more sunshine, more water, and its leaves grow to be so flourish.

And the most important thing is to select a best flower pot (durable & degradable flower pot), then your plants will be stronger and cuter.