- Dec 28, 2018-

 In general, succulents are relatively easy to feed, today let’s discuss how to grow succulents.


Plants are always grown with water, media, light, of course the succulent. Light affects more the growth of plants, but water and media can directly affect the life and death of plants.


1. Medium: The soil is loose, breathable and well drained, but it has a certain water-retaining capacity and is neutral or slightly acidic.There are many mediators suitable for succulent’s growth but the important is to be sterile. The direct cause of succulent death is often decay, and the only direct cause is bacterial infection.Therefore, in the beginning the soil should choose sterile, or kill bacteria.There are two common ways to kill bacteria. One is to use fungicides such as dobutrin. Another is to use pasteurization, like you've heard of people frying in pots and you've heard of people baking soil in microwave ovens.Good medium, good start.


2. Watering: Watering principle is to see dry see wet, is the soil dry through the words, pouring water.If it is not good to judge whether, you can insert a toothpick in the soil, usually to water the toothpick on the degree of dry and wet.Dry and wet is a common term used in flower planting. It means to water a flower thoroughly at a time and then water it again when the soil is almost dry. Its function is to prevent the root rot and damp pests caused by excessive watering.Of course, it doesn't have to be that harsh, as long as you don't water it too often, it generally won't kill you.In summer and winter, if succulent plants go dormant, it's safer to stop watering than to water them often.


3. The sun: Succulent like sunshine very much, have certain illumination to grow better, a lot of times taste is inferior to the person, because illumination is insufficient concern.But expect in summer, the light is too strong the succulent is easy to die, we must pay attention to shading risk and control water.