How to grow flowers in plastic flower pots

- Oct 12, 2018-

Our understanding of plastics is that plastics are a kind of harmful substance. It decomposes under exposure to sunlight and may decompose some harmful substances. If using this flower pot to grow flowers, it may not be good for these. The growth of flowers is actually not the case. The chemical properties of the plastic flower pots we produce now are very stable, and they will not decompose harmful substances even if they are exposed to the sun, so use this flower pot for flowers. It is harmless.

Flower plants need to be preserved. When we plant them in pots, we should pay attention to watering them on time, and then let them absorb the sunlight, but these should pay attention to one degree of control, too much water or It is unfavorable for them to spend too much time in the sun. Reasonable planting can make the flowers grow longer.