How to choose the size of the flower pot

- Oct 12, 2018-

The size of the flower pot should be selected according to the requirements of various flowers. The size of the flower pot directly affects the soil moisture, water permeability and water retention and fertility of the root. At the same time, the size of the pot and the size of the plant type also affect the whole plant. Sex, large plants and small pots, poor plant growth, small pots, less potting soil, insufficient nutrition, slow plant growth, aging and decline due to lack of nutrition, at the same time, the roots of plants will be gathered around the basin wall, due to pots The cockroach is too high and injured, which affects the growth of the whole plant. The small plants are planted with large pots and the plants do not root.

The basin is large, the root temperature is low, the root growth is slow, the water absorption and the ability to absorb fertilizer are reduced, and it cannot adapt to the growth of the leaves, so that the growth of the whole plant is inhibited, but some epiphytic or aerial plants are an exception, such as the pineapple family. Plants, pineapples are attached roots. The main function of the roots is to fix the plants. The roots are small and shallow. It does not need larger pots. Of course, it should be placed in a larger pot when viewing, otherwise there will be a top-heavy feeling.