How to choose flower pots

- Dec 05, 2018-

The friend who likes to plant most cares about how to choose flowerpot,when choosing flowerpot, which point should notice?Is big flowerpot is good or not?Let's discuss the problem in detail:


1.Breathable:To keep the plants breath,the bottom must have a hole.Too big,the soil that is rich in nutrition can be lost,if have no hole in the bottom,the discharge does not go out,this can affect plant growth badly.Even water-loving plants with poor drainage will have an impact on root growth.Correct way is,after buying flowerpot,use window gauze mat to go up in the drain hole of flowerpot bottom,put soil again,this can avoid when watering the soil runs off.


2.Pay attention to the size of the pot:That is,the size,diameter and height,which should match the crown diameter and root size of the plant.Flowerpots and plant size,not only beautiful appearance, but also conducive to the growth of plants.


3.Practical: Although appearance is very important,but also remember to pursue practical.Such as fruit trees,can be choose a larger,higher and deeper planter that can load enough soil,fruit tree nutrition nutrient follows go up,but also cannot too big and consider the bearing of the balcony and balcony,lest affect safety.



4.Environmental protection: Choose the environmental protection pots,don’t use one-time light and thin plastic planter which are not durable and that will pollute the environment again,choosing the planters which can last a few years.