Florist Story

- Jul 29, 2020-

       An elder sister from a flowering shop told me that she would encounter touching stories every day. Every moment, she felt that the world was really beautiful and completely healed.

      Today’s story is about a little boy. He always has clean clothes, shaggy hair, blushing, like a little angel. You can’t tell that he has autism at all. You will use it every time you see him. The big black grape-like eyes are looking at you. They are confused or ignorant. They are so cute. The only special thing is that every time he appears, he is with his sister. 

       The two children are holding hands. The girl is about sixteen. Her face was serious and careful, as if she would be lost if she was not careful while holding his brother, it was extremely important to him. It was an ordinary day. The sky was still gray early in the morning. The flower shop was even open and not open. For the first time, he walked into the shop alone and put Peppa Pig’s piggy bank on the counter. Looking at you quietly, the owner of the florist chose the best flower and handed it to him, but he shook his head and saw that his eyes were fixed on an eggshell-shaped flower pot. The owner gave it to him. Once I saw him smiling, his mouth opened slightly, two small dimples, he was an angel, absolutely.

         Later I learned that his sister and mother had a quarrel, the flower pot in sister’s room was broken, and the sister cried in the room in the middle of the night. In order to make his sister happy, the little boy went out quietly early and took all his money. Buy the best flower pot for my sister.

         The meaning of the flower shop is to bring happiness and happiness to the guests, a flower, a beautiful flowerpot, and make the world a better place.