Do you know the material of plastic flower pots?

- Oct 12, 2018-

The white plastic material pots that we usually see are made of PVC, PP and PE. However, the plastic flower pots are more colored, and those blue, yellow, red and pink plastic pots are What material is used to make it?

The first is ABS plastic, which is the material of the commonly used straight-away flower pot. Its advantage is that the price is lower than that of the PA flower pot, but it is brittle and has poor impact strength. It is often used as a telephone casing and a TV casing.

Nylon can also be used to make flower pots because it is stronger and more hygroscopic, but its price is nearly double that of ABS.

In addition, high-pressure polypropylene materials can also be used to make plastic flower pots, which have low toxicity, high temperature and low temperature resistance, and low cost.