A great partner for succulents

- Jul 17, 2019-

Succulent is a healing plant that can end your bad feelings. Growing succulents takes some skills, and choosing the right pot for them is the first step to growing them scientifically.

  1. Apperance

    The succulent is very cute, while a delicate flowerpot can highlight its beauty. 


  2. Smooth drainage

    The pot is made from wood powder, stone powder and plastic,  it is large enough to grow  different succulents. The wide drainage hole is arranged at the bottom, to remove excess water and prevent the root system from rotting.


  3. Air permeability

    Ceramic pots, porcelain pots and plastic flowerpots are common types of flowerpots on the market. Composite plastic flowerpots and ceramic pot have strong air permeability, and the flowerpots with strong air permeability can promote the growth of succulent roots and make succulent plants more robust. Meanwhile, composite plastic planters are not so fragile. Therefore, you can choose composite plastic flowerpots.